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Our mission is to help those in need, fulfill those needs and assist in filling the “gaps” left by many programs.

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Why Donate Property

A Florida real estate donation significantly reduces your legal and tax liabilities and helps you attain your financial goals.

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IRS Tax Deduction

Donating Real Estate is a great way to enjoy what many consider an impressive tax deduction. Fair Market Value.

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Causes / Who We Help

Our dependents range from social service agencies to private non-profits and  individuals with special needs.

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Real Estate with Causes accepts all Real estate donations of Florida property to benefit worthy causes throughout the USA.
Real Estate with Causes nonprofit charity uses the FL property donations to fund programs and individuals that need a helping hand. Donate real estate Florida

Donate Real Estate Florida

Florida Real Estate Donation

Donate house, farmland, FL property, commercial properties, donate real estate you know longer wish to own. Excellent Tax Deduction Possibilities!

Your Florida Real Estate Donations Benefit Worthy Causes and those falling through the cracks in todays society. If you’ve been looking for a way to liquidate unwanted real estate assets, you’ve just found it. Real Estate with Causes helps connect those who wish to help with those who need help.. Your FL Property Donations Help Fill in the gaps left by many programs. Please contact us today to discuss your options.

Florida Charity

The most popular Florida cities we receive property donations from include: Jacksonville - Miami - Tampa - St. Petersburg - Orlando - Hialeah - Tallahassee - Fort Lauderdale - Port St. Lucie - Pembroke Pines - Cape Coral - Clearwater - Gainesville - Miami Beach - West Palm Beach - Delray Beach - Sunrise - Florida Keys - Plantation - Naples - Sarasota - Melbourne - Jupiter - Hollywood - Boynton Beach

Donate Real Estate Florida
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